The VKI track has undergone many changes over the years, carried out with the aim of making an increasingly positive and fun experience



The kart track opens to the public in May 2001 with a track developed on the inside only.


In 2005 the first expansion of the external part was carried out, with the insertion of the area still called "Piscine".


In 2007 comes the second development of the external part. An extension that brings a revolution to the track design and layout. Furthermore, since 2005 the collaboration with the French company Sodi Kart begins.


In 2012 an elevated platform was inserted inside, thus making the indoor track a multilevel track.


In 2013 the elevated road was enlarged, bringing the entire indoor layout, with the ground floor and second level, to a length of 1100 meters.


In 2015 the entire track was revolutionized, with the inclusion of the "Parabolic" VKI on the outside and a third level on the inside and by introducing 360 Karting impact absorbing barriers throughout the track.



In 2017, the entire track layout, inside and outside, was revolutionized in order to offer an ever new and updated experience.



In 2019, the first external raised platform installed in Italy was added, the Spirale VKI. With this latest expansion, the Full Track thus reaches a length of 1400 meters overall, with an internal part developed on three levels, and an external part developed on two levels.


VKI - Vicenza Kart Indoor è un brand di Kartland Srl