New ( Red ) Kart VKI 2020

Unique pieces with the number of each kart, n umerati from 1 to 30

La T-Shirt Special Edition

dedicata ai nuovi (Red) Kart VKI 2020.

Ogni pezzo è dedicato a un kart presente in pista,

con la stessa numerazione dall'1 al 30.

  • Each T-Shirt

    it is a One Piece


    Price € 35

  • Numbering

    from 1 to 30

    as in karting on the track

  • Personalization with the

    own nickname on the sleeve


    + 5 €

  • The purchase can be made directly on the track, choosing the preferred size and any customization

It is possible to pre-purchase directly on the track, or by winning a number that we will keep for 5 days until the purchase.

VKI - Vicenza Kart Indoor è un brand di Kartland Srl